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My Christmas gift for you

Christmas Time is a time for giving, and this year for our readers, I have negotiated an amazing 15% discount from locally renowned wine retailer Davys's Wine Merchants in Greenwich - if you haven't ordered your wine or bubbles for Christmas then now is the time to do so. Just log onto and when you check-out just enter the code 'conran2017' and you can take advantage of this great discount.  The deal is also available in store and all details can be found in their article below!

Have a fab Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you in 2018.

Can you help me with something please?

As Christmas draws near, I am so proud to be supporting our local foodbanks. Sadly, more and more locals are needing this service and following my shift at a local foodbank last week, I saw first-hand why this is such a worthwhile cause. All my offices are a drop off point for the local foodbank with a hope we can make a small difference to this charity. My top article showcases this cause and what they are desperately in need of should you be kind enough to help.

Warm regards
Simon Hughes

I'm still here

It's been an incredible month or so for us.  We have been winning multiple awards, based on extensive mystery shopping exercises across the UK, and even had a whole afternoon with the formidable Karren Brady ( from The Apprentice and West Hams CEO) which was  insightful, to say the least!

Anyway, see you in November.

Warmest regards
Simon Hughes

It's getting cold out there!

So Summer has nearly gone and the Autumnal coolness is creeping in!

The housing market is starting to pick up nicely after the seasonal lull and we are seeing a big increase in motivated sales and letting applicants on our books for us to find their dream home! If you are looking to sell, or a Landlord with a vacant property, then do contact your local office for an honest market appraisal.

I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter.
Simon Hughes

Off on holiday?

Welcome to August's newsletter. Whilst many are on holiday at this time, we are working hard to get our properties looking amazing for when the rush happens in late August / early September.

Many people feel that August is a bad month to put your property on the market but on the contrary, I believe it is a great time as so many people start their hunting at the end of August and set up their viewing arrangements in order to move by Christmas, which comes around quickly...yikes!

Enjoy the rest of the Summer.

At last, it's here - sorry for the delay this month!

At last, Summer is here and for most, the holiday season us upon us!

Lot's of informative pieces in this July's newsletter and most certainly something for everyone!

There has never been a better time to buy or rent a property so to see our latest stock, or to understand the value of your property (both selling or renting), then click on '...a refreshing change' (top right of this page) and search to your hearts content - note the INSTANT VALUATION TOOL to gain a better understanding of the value of your property, its a clever little gadget!

Enjoy the Summer.

Bored of Brexit and Politics yet?

What an interesting month it has been in the UK!

One thing is for certain, that I will never discuss politics in any of my content as the UK continues to be divided as to who should rule our great nation (far too dangerous a topic to open)! However, the future landscape could be an interesting one but the housing market continues to remain strong and stable (sorry, I couldn't resist).

More positive and interesting topics for me such as the fact that 2m people have actually seen their neighbours naked - see, far more interesting things to discuss than Brexit-related stuff!

Until next month.

You will love this.... I'm sure!

Lots of lovely content this month.  Mortgage fixed rates are at a long term low right now, so a perfect time to buy the home of your dreams!

If you are looking to buy, then we have lots of new housing stock to sell and even launched a few new build developments suitable for most price brackets, and can even accommodate the Help to Buy Scheme.

If you are a landlord then new tax legislation is possibly going to make life a little tougher over the coming years.  Have you ever thought of by-passing the new tax legislation and buy your next investment property under a Limited Company?

Anyway, have a great month and I look forward to seeing you in June.
Simon Hughes

Sir Clive touched me somewhere special

Whilst you might think I attended a conference for those who are follicle challenged, you are wrong!

In March I was fortunate enough to secure the services of Sir Clive Woodward, the only living English World Cup winning manager, to help me in business!!

Having several hours with Sir Clive was a dream come true and lots of great ideas and aspirations to make Conran Estates and Conran Financial become an even better experience for our customers.

Enjoy the read.

Simon Hughes
Managing Director

We Have Come of Age


On 17th March we celebrate Conran Estates’ 18th birthday. Where has this time has gone? It seemed like only yesterday I opened my first office in Lewisham and now I have four local offices encompassing five divisions: Sales, Lettings, Property Management, Land & New Homes and Mortgages!


As with every business, we’ve had our ups and downs and it has been a fun and exciting journey. Running a business has been the best education one could have hoped for. Back in 1999, with a head full of hair, I went into the business as an experienced Independent Financial Adviser but with little knowledge of Estate Agency. Today I sit here (without a hair on my head) as an estate agent, letting agent, marketer, copy writer, the list is endless!


I sign off thanking all of Conran Estates clients, customers, staff and suppliers. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to provide 18 years of first class service and with you, here’s to the next 18 years of World Class Customer Services!

Here it is again!


Happy New Year.  Yesterday I was truly privileged to spend the day with Debra Searle MBE.

Debra is a true hero and I am proud to donate the top story to her most amazing journey.  She had a lot of news coverage at the time, but her story is based on her challenge to row across the Atlantic to Barbados against twelve other rowing teams.  However her husband pulled out after two weeks and she completed the journey solo, taking 14 weeks!

This little video is a must watch albeit not very estate agency but hey-ho! 

Until next month.



Just before you fill yourself with Turkey (or a veggie option)


That time of year again. By now I should know the score. Eat too much, drink my fair share of booze then come January, join the gym and donate a tidy monthly sum for many months on something I know I should use but don't!  Fairly standard behaviour really.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy my ramblings!

Warmest Regards
Simon Hughes

Mortgage Increases on their way?


Welcome back to our newsletter.  Loads of interesting material for you this month. If you presently have a mortgage I would strongly suggest you take a review as rates may be changing - look at the top article for more information!

Anyway, no more boring chit-chat, I have a presidential election to watch over the coming week.  Not sure I would choose either of them but I have a feeling one is more dangerous than the other!

Until next month.

Simon Hughes

It's that time again!


Welcome back for another month of interesting stuff about anything property!!

Traditionally this month is one of the most popular months of the year as both buyers and renters look to get into their property and settle before Christmas (can't believe I have used that word as early as October!).

Anyway, whether you are a buyer, seller, renter, landlord, property magnate, investor, land banker or even just interested in property, I hope you enjoy.

Until next month.


Simon Hughes

p.s. an interesting fact for you, did you know that half of all UK renters are over 46........ I was amazed too!



What on earth is going on?  I have to say I was incredibly concerned for the housing market (despite my brave face) especially when coupled with the expectation of the seasonal low that is August, but bizarrely it has been our best August on record!

Maybe GB's successful Olympics have put some jubilance back into the market, or maybe that society now realise that "Brexit" is simply a word and won't really change much as people still need to live in accordance with their lifestyles?  Whatever the reason is I am not complaining!

Some great news for landlords and tenants. In my top article, it turns out that our area offers the best yields to you which is great news to all of us. Furthermore it also suggests that it is well priced for tenants too! Beats storing your cash in a bank at least!

Until next month

Simon Hughes

It's August!


With today's reduction of the Bank of England base rate it has never been a cheaper time to buy a house using a mortgage.  There are some serious deals to be had, so if you are looking to buy then there is no better time than right now. 

Incidentally, we have just launched our 'instant online valuation service' so if you want to know what your property is worth (it values for sales and lettings too!) then simply go to

Enjoy the read.   
Simon Hughes

July Broadcast


What an interesting time we are experiencing in the UK presently!  Uncertainty is very much how the majority of people feel when it comes to the housing market but there are many positives such as decreasing mortgage rates making home ownership more affordable right now.

I feel that now is a fantastic time to buy as once the UK secures a few trade deals and our government settles down, confidence will return and house prices are only going one way, whether we like it or not..... that is UP.  Furthermore, a weak Pound is bringing monies in from overseas keeping prices very stable, even in an uncertain market!

I think that those who feel house prices will contract are so wrong.  We are a small island whereby demand still significantly outstrips supply and as such a reduction in house values is highly improbable.

Until next month.


Simon Hughes

June Broadcast


As the Euro's kick off and the Referendum being 13 days away, life is certainly interesting at the moment.

This newsletter is filled of great tips and ideas to help vendors, landlords, tenants and purchasers alike so I hope it is of use??

Will we be in Europe this time next month???

Warm regards

Simon Hughes


May Broadcast


This month I have great news for both buyers and tenants.  If you are looking to buy or rent a property then right NOW is going to be the most favourable time to take the leap. By reading the top article below all will be explained.


Simon Hughes
Managing Director

April Broadcast


Spring is now here (as are the April showers) which is historically the best and most common time to do 'house-stuff'.  Whether this be buy, sell, let or simply undertake minor or major renovation and home improvements. Whatever your intent, there is something here for everyone!

If you simply fancy a bit of brunch in the morning then Davy's in Greenwich can 'wet your appetite' so have a look at their offering under 'Best of the Brunch'. You wont be disappointed!  


Simon Hughes
Managing Director

Adding Value...... What a Refreshing Change


Conran Estates will be 17 years old this coming Thursday and I have to say I really don't quite know where this time has gone (or my hair for that matter!!).

My job is to ensure our customers get great value when using our services, after all, if they don't we lose them!  Therefore, we now have our very own, employed and CRB checked, maintenance man and his "very cool" A-Team style van (soon to be wrapped in our brand).  From this day onwards our landlords will benefit from 'Free call-outs and free labour for on the spot repairs'.  This is a genuine service and will reduce stress and costs for our managed landlords whilst giving us full control of all maintenance work thus ensuring happier tenants. If you are not a landlord of ours but wish to benefit from this service then feel free to contact us and we can put this right for you!

At a time when many estate agents still add money onto their maintenance contractors invoices to gain more cash from their Landlords (yes this does happen and there is a legal challenge happening against a certain London estate agent), Conran Estates have gone in another direction by helping our customers........ yet another refreshing (and unique) change!!

Until next month.



February Broadcast


This month I cover a wide range of subjects from 'the most annoying neighbours list' to one of the most popular areas to now live in South-East London being Brockley, where we will shortly have our new office... yippee!

Also I have commissioned loads of really useful short videos based on 'How-to Guides' such as a beginners guide to becoming a Landlord, buying property and selling property and a whole heap more.  I cover everything you must know and these are now on so please have a look, they really are useful I promise!

Until next time.

Simon Hughes
Managing Director

January Broadcast


Happy New Year and I wish you a prosperous 2016.

2016 has started strongly in the property market will an obvious hike in house values and demand at its strongest for some time.

Enjoy, until next month.

Simon Hughes

The December Broadcast


This month I am showcasing one of Greenwich's most renowned businesses being Grant Saw Solicitors. Find out more about them underneath........ very interesting stuff.

The housing market is changing big-time for various sectors such as Landlords.  If you are a landlord or thinking of joining this lucrative market then I recommend you open the article relating to this as there are 5 changes you need to be made aware of.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and I wish you a Happy 2016.

Until January.

Simon Hughes

The November Broadcast


This month I have the pleasure to introduce you to James Davy, Chairman of local wine Bar, restaurant and wine merchants here in Greenwich. They are celebrating 145 years of trading and after you read our interview you can take advantage of a special deal to help them celebrate!

On the property front, the market is simply crazy.  Prices are at an unprecedented high and if you are thinking of selling it is a great time to take professional advice and prepare marketing to take advantage.

If you are buying the good news is that Mortgages are still really well priced and lenders are slightly more flexible too.

Enjoy the read.

Warm regards
Simon Hughes

The October Broadcast


I write this with a tear rolling down my face as England lose to the mighty Aussies (Rugby).  Still, having a Welsh surname surely I am eligible to support Wales now??

There is so much going on at the moment in our industry and if you are a landlord of ours, I hope you have read the recent emails regarding two big pieces of regulation which will affect you being a landlord. I have written my first article as a summary for landlords but if you want more information please do make contact as my teams would love to answer any questions you have.

If you are thinking of investing in property and becoming a landlord then you must speak to us or a fellow expert.  There are new EU laws coming in next year which will make this challenging and I recommend strongly you speak to an expert as you may wish to expedite this process before the new rules come in.  I will be writing more about this in the next edition. 

If you are a tenant, now is the time to check your heating works as I fear GasSafe engineers will be busy when the frost comes so beat the rush!!!

Until November.

Simon Hughes

The August Broadcast



Loads happening at the moment with the governor of the Bank of England telling everyone to be careful as rates will soon rise and so much changing for landlords with various new legislation on it's way. 

Our newsletters are not purely to sell our great services. they are a great source of information and with a readership of 23,000, we get great feedback whether it be from purchasers, tenants, vendors, landlord or simply if you just have a passion for property!


Simon Hughes

July's Broadcast


Hello and welcome to the Summer! As I am sure you would all agree we have seen some glorious weather in recent weeks but it has certainly not deterred those who are out viewing property at the weekend.

We are anticipating July to be another excellent month here at Conran Estates so if you are thinking of buying, selling, renting or letting your property then please get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 6893172 (from your landline) or 0333 0124 673 (from your mobile).

If none of this interests you it is still worth entering our competition to win an Ipad mini, Great odds!

Kind Regards

Simon Hughes 



June's Broadcast


Historically the most popular time to 'deal' in property is immediately following an election and it is certainly no different now!  The market is really strong at the moment and whether a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord this market seems to suit all which seems bizarre and yet true.

I wish you a great, and warm, Summer. Enjoy.

Warmest regards

Simon Hughes

May's Broadcast


Have a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend and hope some of these articles are of value.

If you are thinking of applying for any type of credit in the next two years please have a look at the top article as I guarantee it will help you whether applying for a mortgage, car finance, credit card or a personal loan.

Until next month.


Simon Hughes
Managing Director

March's Broadcast


Spring is nearly here and historically the best time to get properties on the market but will the buyers be there and will banks be lending............ only time will tell huh??

I hope you enjoy this broadcast and if it is not for you then please do unsubscribe. I promise I wont be insulted.

I hope you are enjoying 2015 so far.

Warm regards

Simon Hughes
Managing Director


February's Broadcast


So already 9.3% of 2015 has gone! Lots of news in our sector but most importantly, if you are looking for property to either rent or buy, you must read the top article.  The way consumers now hunt for property is changing!!

Enjoy the read and if you don't want to receive these then click to unsubscribe, its easy!

Warmest regards


Welcome to the December Newsletter


Lots in this action-packed newsletter however my concentration for December is to save people huge amounts of money. Therefore, if you have a mortgage and it is nearing or past rate renewal, then you must read the first article.  We are presently saving lots of people lots of money as rates have dramatically reduced recently.

You might want to know about what the Stamp Duty changes really mean in monetary terms.  There is something for everyone.

Enjoy the read

Simon Hughes
Managing Director

Welcome to the November Newsletter


Welcome to November.  As the rain lashes down there are mixed messages in the Housing Market.

Statistics are suggesting that prices are ever so slightly below the peak of the market but it is heavily suggested that in the coming months house prices will be on the move up again. 

A bit of stagnation in prices won't do any harm for a strong housing market in the UK.  At the very least it will (hopefully) stop some agents massively over-inflating asking prices......... I hope!

If only I had a crystal ball!

Warm regards

Simon Hughes
Managing Director

Welcome to the October Newsletter


September brought us the lowest number of applicants looking for property in 2014 being 70% down from the peak of February.  You would normally think this means a lull in the housing market but bizarrely we sold more property in September than we did in February!

Work out the statistics for yourself but it tells me that there are more serious buyers and renters in the market than at any other point this year.

Our local market is strong despite lower numbers, which has to be good now prices have somewhat stabilised.

Enjoy the read and don't forget that we don't want you receiving unwanted mail so feel free to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our newsletter.




Welcome to the September newsletter


Welcome to another monthly newsletter. Where has 2014 gone??

Please enjoy and should this email be unwelcomed in your inbox then feel free to unsubscribe on the link below.

Warmest regards


Simon Hughes
Managing Director


Welcome to the August Newsletter


Welcome to my August newsletter.  A great competition worth entering this month to win a new kitchen!

If this newsletter is not welcomed into your inbox then please do use the un-subscribe link as I do not want you to receive unwanted emails and please do accept my profuse apology if this is the case.

Otherwise good luck if you enter the competition.

Until next month.

Warm regards


Simon Hughes
Managing Director

Welcome to the July newsletter


Summer at last!!!

Now we are out of the World Cup and TV is not great, why not take 10 minutes to enjoy some interesting articles from your favourite Greenwich brand!

One of the most fun bits of writing a popular newsletter is when I meet really interesting local business owners.  This month I had the great pleasure to meet Lizzie who owns Pistachios in the Park (a free coffee on its way to me I hope!).

If you feel this newsletter is not for you then please do unsubscribe on the link, it wont be taken personally ;-)

Enjoy the read.


Welcome to our June Newsletter

Some great news received earlier this week as an ex-Conran member of staff has been named in the South African Cricket Test squad. I wish Stiaan van Zyl good luck with the present world number one test team (he is a better cricketer than an estate agent!!). Onto the world of property, as it continues to hit the headlines in the UK's major newspapers. It seems now the majority of the UK is benefitting from the so-called bubble we have recently experienced in London as open days seem to be the order of the day and multiple offers are presented for every property! The good news is that the London market is calming down slightly as more stock comes onto the market!!! Enjoy the read. Regards Simon

Welcome to our May Newsletter

Another month has past and the market continues to thrive. Property is hot topic in all press at the moment with London and the South-East being incredibly popular for both buyers and renters alike. Enjoy the read. Regards Simon

Welcome to our April Newsletter

April is going to be busy I fear. Mortgages as we know them are being overhauled as new rules comes into play. If you are considering a mortgage or re-mortgage in the near future you must read this article as it will affect all.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy our popular newsletter (readership is over 19,000 now!!).


Welcome to our March Newsletter

With property regularly hitting the headlines, where is the property market going? Only yesterday The Sunday Times reported on the desperate plight of purchasers and the best way to get into a strong buying position. Believe it or not, most estate agents do not like the market as it presently is. It is not a long term healthy market and if it continues with the same upward trend then we will see a bubble ready to burst which is no good for the long term stability of our economy!! In the meantime I hope you enjoy our popular newsletter (readership is over 19,000 now!!). Enjoy Simon

Welcome to our February Issue

The housing market marches on going from strength to strength. I cannot remember a better market for selling houses. Purchasers are going to great lengths to secure properties as there is much competition. Our offices are happy to give advice to 'would-be' purchasers about how to show themselves in great light when offering on a property so please take advantage of this service we offer!! An amazing competition this month from our reputable local wine retailer being Davy's. You could win a free holiday!!! Should you not wish to receive this newsletter then please accept my sincere apologies and note the un-subscribe button on this page. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director

Conran Estates - Welcome to our January Issue.

Happy New Year (assuming it is not too late to say that). The housing market is a hot topic with the press at the moment. Both London and the South-East prices going mad. Where will it end?? Still, this months Conran newsletter is light relief and no need for me to duplicate what you already know from the national press so more interesting topics below for our 15,000 loyal readers. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page).

Conran Estates - December Issue

Welcome to our December issue. This month we showcase a rather innovative local business owner who has designed and sells her own brand of bike (Christmas present maybe). It is so important, especially at this time of year, to support our decent local shops and traders. I read a statistic only yesterday which stated that when you shop locally 70-80% of the monies get re-spend locally when compared to 2% with our larger corporates! Thank you to all for the recent lovely feedback. With over 21,000 local readers I believe we are the largest local e-newsletter in the borough! Have an amazing Christmas and I look forward to 2014 being a great year. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page).

Conran Estates - November Issue

Welcome to our November issue. We now have over 20,000 individuals on our e-newsletter and I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read articles of interest. I do consider our newsletter a 'community' based asset and as such I am proud to showcase our local business people. In these times of austerity there are many challenges for our local small businesses and we are in a great position to offer some free PR to our local, hard-working business people (after all the majority of people on our newsletter are locals). If you want to find out more about local people who run our local businesses then feel free to have a read about our first nominee in our headline slot this month. If you are a local business owner and you wish to feature then do make contact with me. My stipulation is that you must be a small business owner or sole trader and run your business in SE3, SE4, SE7, SE8, SE9, SE10, SE13 postcode. Let's support our local businesses this Christmas! Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page).

Conran Estates -October Newsletter

Welcome to our October issue! Property certainly is the hot topic this month with the launch of 'Help to Buy'. I have written a FAQ editorial on this subject which I strongly recommend a read as it could change how first-time buyers get onto the ladder. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page).

September Newsletter

Welcome to our September issue! I am pleased to say the market is incredibly busy, house prices are most certainly increasing at pace, properties are renting quickly. Some great subjects this month and a superb competition to enter. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page).

August Newsletter

Welcome to our August issue! I am pleased to say the market is incredibly busy, house prices are most certainly increasing at pace, properties are renting quickly. Some great subjects this month and a superb competition to enter. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page).

July Newsletter

Welcome to July's issue I am pleased to say the market is incredibly busy, house prices are most certainly increasing at pace, properties are renting quickly still and at last, the sun is shining. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page).

June Newsletter

Welcome to June's issue and I apologise for the lack of newsletters over the last two months. I am please to say the market is incredibly busy, house prices are most certainly increasing at pace, properties are renting quickly still and at last, the sun is shining. Enjoy Simon Hughes Managing Director ps: All feedback welcome at Note you are welcome to unsubscribe by clicking the link (bottom right on this page). Conran Estates are responsible with all email marketing / newsletters and do not wish to clog up your inbox with information you do not wish to receive!


With yesterday's budget I urge you to read some (or all) of these articles. Great news for those wanting to get onto the property ladder and also how to improve your property without it costing you any more per month....... yes really!! Enjoy. Simon Hughes Managing Director


Happy New Year to all. This month's newsletter is most informative so feel free to browse. You can see that Charlton is in the limelight on Location Location Location at 8:00pm tonight so please tune in. The successful applicants are dealing with our Manager at Charlton office so when you see Phil Spencer on the phone negotiating a deal, Michael is our man at the other end!!! Enjoy. Until next month. Regards Simon


If you read nothing else then I strongly recommend you read our headline article on Investment Properties. It is sure to give you an insight as to what income can be achieved even by using someone else's cash (i.e. a bank). I also recommend our top 10 properties and what value this could provide you! Many other points of interest so feel free to have a browse. until next month. Simon Hughes Managing Director

October Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of the Conran estates newsletter. In this issue we will look at Local and market news, and the latest properties available at Conran Estates. Conran Estates pride ourselves on being one of the most innovative estate agents and property professionals in London. We have three local offices and with our exclusive membership of The Guild of Professional Estate Agents we are approaching 600 partner estate agents throughout the UK. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.


What a magnificent month we have enjoyed with the Olympics motivating the world and showcasing London (Greenwich especially in our opinion). More to come with the Para-Olympics so let's hope the weather holds out for the athletes. Anyway, here are some interesting articles and a special guest of ours writes a little article for us all to enjoy. If you watch and enjoy BBC's Masterchef you may recognise him! Until next month.


What a month we have coming up. The Olympic Torch will be coming through Greenwich in just a matter of hours and in a week's time the Opening Ceremony kicks off what will undoubtedly be the greatest event on earth. Whilst we are certain the Games will affect business, isn't it just great to showcase London and especially Greenwich. Until next month.


With the Diamond Jubilee only a week behind us, Euro 2012 kicking off last Friday and then of course the highlight of 2012 being the Olympics in London. You just have to be proud to be in the UK. Will all this help our economy though? Enjoy the read.


Another month passes and we are almost half way through the year. April is a great month for the Royal Borough of Greenwich with the Cutty Sark being opened by her Majesty the Queen next Wednesday and the London Marathon this Sunday to which our Managing Director is running!! Enjoy the read


Another month has flown by. Harry is back from his first Royal Tour with everyone adoring his 'non-royal' ways and loving the cheeky manner in which he conducts being a Royal. England narrowly beating the French at Rugby in their own back yard. Some politician having a drunken brawl in the House of Commons bar and of course the normal economic news which is becoming boring now. Enjoy the read and we hope you find it interesting. Until April.

February Newsletter

Where did January go? This year seems as though it's going to fly-by. So what has happened since our last newsletter? Greenwich has become the Royal Borough of Greenwich, this should be good for house prices! Oh yes and still bad news in all the press (if you still read the sensational headlines)that we are heading for recession come April 2012. More importantly though, our MD is doing the London Marathon and would really appreciate your help, have a look at his embarrassing plea for help below!

January 2012

Happy New Year to you. 2012 is going to be a fantastic year despite what the gloom-mongers predict. In February Greenwich will become a Royal Borough, the Cutty Sark is re-opening with Her Majesty allegedly making an appearance in Greenwich, in June we have the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in July and August! What is there not to be positive about. Enjoy the read, we are certain you will find great interest in this month's newsletter.

December newsletter

It gives us great pleasure to be one of this years sponsors of the Greenwich Pantomime Horse Race (or should we say pub crawl). Please read about it below and come along for a great charity event for all the family. We are sure you will read with great interest and hope you find value from our newsletter and wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Warm regards Conran Estates

November Newsletter

Some really good articles this month which relate to property markets, financial news (new 100% mortgages) and topical local interests (Olympics). Please feel free to contact us should you require any information or services. Warm Regards Conran Estates

October Newsletter

Welcome to Octobers Newsletter. Whilst there is negative news concerning the world economy it seems the housing market, in London particularly, is in a bit of a bubble with sales up and the rental market going through the roof. We hope this newsletter is of interest but should you wish to remove yourself from this service then please do unsubscribe as we sincerely do not wish to send you any unwanted mail. Enjoy. Conran Estates

August's Newsletter

Well what a frantic few days we have had with recent events. In this issue we report on The Riot Act and what you can do if affected financially by these mindless acts and a few other topical and interesting subjects. Please do use the unsubscribe option if you do not want to continue getting these emails as we only want to send to those who are interested. We hope this proves valuable to you. Warm regards Conran Estates

July's Newsletter

This month we feature an abundance of interesting articles. We are really pleased to have won an award at a National awards ceremony for The Guild of Professional Estate Agents and this really does show why we are innovative market leaders. One of our highly respected employees has recently donated his time for a truly fantastic charity and we are very proud to report on his achievements (along with a mugshot of him in action). Finally, we have secured a local discount on some great wine from Chile courtesy of Davy's in Greenwich. Please enjoy and we hope this newsletter provides value to you. If not then please change your preferences or unsubscribe as our intention is not to send or annoy you with our monthly newsletters.

June's Newsletter

We are proud to deliver June's exciting newsletter with valuable topics and a bit of light hearted fun. Thank you to some of the local business owners for your articles and input and it is truly refreshing to speak to many of you about your successful businesses (one of my many passions). Conran Estates is slowly coming out of the dark ages and embracing social media so if you wish to join us in this new world (to me anyway) then please look us up on Facebook, Twitter (@conranestates), You Tube (ConranEstateAgents where we have many videos of interest)or Linkedin. Please go ahead and have a look at the interesting topics and don't forget the last thing we wish to do is send you mail you are not interested in, so please change your preferences or alternatively unsubscribe and accept our apologies for disturbing you.

May's newsletter

Following the success of our very first newsletter in April we are pleased to introduce May's newsletter. Along with key information about the property market, mortgage market and local news, we are so pleased to introduce two independently owned local businesses in Greenwich. The first being a renouned purveyor of fine (and affordable) wines who have a magnificent offer for you this month as well as offering their wine experience. The second, a boutique ladies fashion provider inviting you to their open day. Whilst we are certain you will find value in our newsletter we do not wish to offend you by sending unwanted emails so please feel free to unsubscribe should you not wish to receive our future newsletters. Warm regards Conran Estates

April Newsletter

This is to officially welcome you to our Monthly Newsletter. If you know anyone else who would be interested in our topical newsletter, then please feel free to forward this on. We will be keeping our newsletters topical and relevant with an emphasis on property, mortgage market news, money saving tips and local news. We are also pioneering a scheme for readers whereby you will get discounts, offers and exclusive invitations from local businesses generally in Greenwich and Blackheath. We are certain this will give true value to our readers and subscribers. We are in negotiations right now with many great businesses but for now we have one deal and after you read the article on squatters rights you may wish to take advantage of it! Enjoy the read and watch out for our future newsletters and discounts.

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