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New Legislation for Landlords

With an increasing population and more people deciding to rent than ever before, the rental market is booming. I have to say I truly love the rental market as it is a thriving and dynamic industry which is always evolving its standards and improving its historic murky bad image.

Tenants are mainly savvy professionals, especially in the areas we operate, and have high expectations and quite rightly so as rents are not cheap these days, so service and great living conditions are paramount for tenants.

However being a landlord is now tougher than ever and keeping up with the huge burden of legislation is really hard unless you are a seasoned professional which is why most of our landlords want us to professionally manage their property. After all, then the risks are generally firmly in our court rather than the landlords.

From 1st October there are two new piece of legislation;
The first being The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015. It is law that every rented property must have a smoke alarm on every level of the building and a Carbon Monoxide detector in any room that contains a solid fuel appliance which includes coal or wood burning fires and wood burning stoves. The penalty for non-compliance can be as much as £5000.

The second is part of the Deregulation Act. This piece of legislation is all about issuing a Section 21 notice to remove a tenant. In a nutshell, when maintenance requests are received they need to be dealt with in a certain way. If they are not then you will be unable to remove the tenant for at least 6 months.

Obviously these are both more extensive and being professionals in this field, and ARLA regulated, we really do understand legislation and how to mediate well between landlord and tenant.

It is likely that there could be some more legislation with Immigration checks potentially being placed on landlords shoulders and the likely penalty for non-compliance here could be criminal so if you are a landlord and want some free advice on any matter then we are happy to assist.

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